2023 Competitive Round Golf Rules

Tees of choice with an appropriate handicap. 

Lift  clean and place in own fairway one club length no closer to the hole

Lateral water hazards are defined by red lines and stake

Water hazards are defined by yellow lines and stakes

Putt out all putts. Triple Bogie = pick up.  Once a ball enters the water hazards a 

one-stroke penalty is taken. The ball should be dropped two club lengths from the 

point of entry no closer to the hole. If a ball is lost (Tall Grass/Weeds etc.) as a 

result of not being found or identified as his by the player within five minutes after 

the player’s side of his or their playing partners have begun to search for it, the

player must play the ball, under penalty one stroke, as near as possible at the spot 

from which the original ball was last played

Out of bounds is defined by white stakes with black caps. The New stroke-and-distance 

local rule allows players the option of dropping in the fairway if they so choose. Players 

must find where their ball went out of bounds and create an imaginary perpendicular 

to the fairway, no closer to the hole. From there, you can now drop anywhere within two 

club lengths behind the line (2-stroke penalty).

Ground Under Repair: consists of all newly sodded areas, fire ant hills, grass 

replacement, torn-up mud, etc.

Embedded Ball and Casual Water – Relief through to the green

Drop Zone: Relief will be given from any tree roots and cart paths

Event Coordinators: Tony Savastana must be contacted to play both days 
Location: Founders Golf Club3021 Beaver Creek Dr SE, Southport, NC.  
Telephone number (910) 477-8500
Cost:  $66 non-member guest fee, plus a $20 prize fee from each golfer payable will
be collected on October 13th prior to the first round.
Contact Information: Tony Savastana; email address
asavastana@verizon.net; telephone number (202) 441-7432
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