The Kiely Golf Tournament has been with us since 2008 when Jim Kiely, a retired US Secret Service (USSS) Special Agent (SA) living at St. James Plantation, banded together with other USSS/SA retirees and friends to play the first Kiely Golf Tournament.  Jim was our first Champion.

In 2012, Jim passed away and the golf tournament he started was named in his honor.  The Kiely Golf Tournament continued to grow as the retired/working residents living in St. James joined the fun from numerous diverse backgrounds (US Military, Federal/State/local government, business professionals).  

This group developed friendships, rekindled old associations, and shared their passion for the game of golf while enjoying family events that surround this golf weekend celebration.   

In January 2017, former USSS/SA John Gregory, who lived in St James and loved the game of golf, passed away suddenly.  It was only fitting to change the name to The Kiely/Gregory Golf Tournament and honor both fallen heroes.  In 2022 we lost another hero, USSS/SA Tom Brancaccio. 

As we now move toward 2024 the golf tournament continues to grow and develop.  Many hero families, from states across this country, come to enjoy St. James, visit friends, enjoy the surrounding area, and play golf at our Memorial event.  

Our new name will be the Heroes Memorial Golf Tournament.  The tournament was celebrated on October 12 through 15, 2023.  

I hope you embrace the name change and we all work together to continue to honor and support our heroes who gave and continue to give, making this special event a success year after year!







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